There are a variety of accounts issued to people associated with YCP. Here are the most common.

Network Account

This is the most used and common account for current students & employees. It includes MyYCP, campus computer access, Google apps, files saved on YCP network drives, Flex funds, and more.

Note: Please uninstall Survey Junkie if it causes issues signing into

Password & email address


AD (active directory) only account

For use by our vendors including J.D. Brown Center Incubator clients, and others.

  • Provides limited permissions.

  • Created only as needed.

Provides potential access to

  • Campus computer login, either to a single machine or across campus.

  • Network drives

  • Servers

  • Wi-Fi for personal devices.

Request an AD Only Account

Contact us with the

  • Name of the account user

  • Access needed for the user

  • Duration of needed access

  • Reason for your request

YCPWeb Account

As a student or employee, your class schedules, transcripts, e-bills, class registration, housing requests, records, and more are in YCPWeb.

Learn more about YCPWeb.

Parent Proxy Account

Students can grant their parents (or anyone else they would like) access to warning and final grades, as well as deposit and eBill payments from YCPWeb.

Learn more about Parent Proxy.

Still having trouble with your account? 

Submit a Ticket Here



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