Wi-Fi & Wired Internet

Our network is available to anyone on campus. We'll help you connect your laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

Tip: If you're cell signal is ever weak, you can place calls over our Wi-Fi network.

Internet service & device discount

If you receive a Pell Grant, or if your household has low income, then you may qualify for a federal discount on your home Internet service and a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

Learn more about (or apply for) the Affordable Connectivity Program.


Current YCP members: Wi-Fi & wired

We offer two available wireless networks (SSIDs). On any device, try eduroam first. If that doesn't work or if you are using a wired (LAN) connection, then use york-connect instead.


eduroam: Wi-Fi

Tip: Once connected, you can also use Wi-Fi at other colleges, museums, and businesses, worldwide. Browse the eduroam map.



york-connect: Wi-Fi & wired

This network is for devices unable to connect to eduroam or that are connected via Ethernet.


Edit or remove devices

On a computer currently connected to the YCP network (or a YCP computer)

  • Visit clearpass.ycp.edu.

    • If prompted, sign in.

  • On the left, select Manage Devices.

  • Select a device.




Guest Wi-Fi

Visitors and alumni are welcome to connect to our guest Wi-Fi.

Use guest Wi-Fi


Outdoor Wi-Fi locations

Access the web from some of our lawns, benches, picnic tables, and even your parked car.





In most cases, wireless printers will connect to york-connect, though they sometimes have unresolvable issues. Please bring a cable to connect your computer directly to your printer, so that you can print without internet.

Note: To work properly, the computer you're printing from must be connected to eduroam.



Unsupported & prohibited devices


  • Sonos wireless speakers

Note: These are the only devices that we're certain are unsupported. If you have trouble with any other device, contact us for assistance.


  • Switches

  • Routers

  • Wireless access points

  • Surveillance equipment in shared spaces (IP cameras, baby monitors, etc.)

  • Other networking equipment




Internet not working? Here's what to try.

Note: If the steps below do not help, please contact us with your device's MAC address.




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