Password & Email Address

Your network account password and email address provide access to and most YCP applications, internet, and computers.

Tip: You may also add multi-factor authentication, to make your account more secure.

  • Note: This is required of YCP employees as of January, 31, 2022.


Found at:

Caution: We never send passwords by email, nor ask for them in any way. If this happens, please contact us. Never reply.

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Email address

Your email address is what you use, along with your password, to sign into and most applications. It usually consists of your first initial, last name, sometimes a number, then It does not change unless you submit a request along with an official name change.

Tip: In applications where your email address does not seem to work, try using your username (explained below) instead.

After signing into your network account, learn how how to access your emails.

Where do I find my email address?

Note: If you don't know your email address, you may contact us to get it.



Your YCP username is the same as your email address, but without Some of our apps may require you to sign in with your username instead of your email address.

Tip: Try your email address first. If that doesn't work, try your username.

Note: On rare occasion, an app may ask for a "username" but require your email address, such as our eduroam network.

Sign in

Sign into

  • Sign into with your YCP email address and password.

    • If prompted, select Work or school account.

  • If you have multi-factor authentication set up

    • If you have the Authenticator app on your phone, select Approve.

    • If you receive a text, enter the code.

  • If prompted, under Stay signed in?, you may select Yes to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in.

YCP computers

  • Sign in with your YCP email address and password.



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