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1 - General LTS Assistance

Submit a General Service Request to LTS.

Adobe Sign

Access requests, questions about doucment creation, and other app related questions.

Cable TV - Report an Issue

Report an issue with cable TV on campus.

Campus Bulletin Channel Request

Submit a request to add content to the YCP Bulletin Channel

Campus Wireless - Report an Issue

Report a WiFi issue with campus wireless (eduroam) or guest wireless (York-connect).

Canvas - Report an Issue

Report an issue with the Canvas application.

Employee Action

FOR FACULTY AND STAFF. Request services for new and leaving employees.

Flex Card - Report an Issue

Report an issue with your college-issued flex card.

Guest Wireless Access - Request

Request information about our guest wireless availability on campus.

Hardware (Computers) - Report an Issue

Report issues with any college-owned computer hardware: desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors.

Name Change

Name Changes are processed to update the YCP username/email addresses.

Office Move Request

Request for an employee to move from one office space to another.

Paper Delivery

****Employees Only****
Order paper for your department with this service.

Printers / Copiers - Report an Issue

Report an issue for any printers, copiers, or fax machines on campus.

Project - Request for LTS

Request LTS assistance with a new project for the benefit of the YCP campus.

Purchasing Services (Hardware/Software)

FOR FACULTY AND STAFF.  Request purchase of hardware or software through LTS.

Refund - Student

FOR STUDENTS. Request refund for printing or laundry.

Shared Area - Request

Shared Area Request

Smart Classroom - Report an Issue

Report an issue with a smart classroom.

Software - Report an Issue

Report issues with any college-provided software.

Toner Request

Request toner / ink for a printer.

VPN Request

FOR FACULTY & STAFF ONLY. Submit this form to request VPN access.

Xfinity Streaming - Report an Issue

Report an issue with our Xfinity Streaming service on campus.