Services A-Z (84)


1 - General LTS Assistance


Adobe Sign


Email Alias/Delegated

Employee Action


Flex Card - Report an Issue



Name Change


Office Move Request


Refund - Student

Report a Bed Issue

Report a Blind or Window Shade Concern

Report a Ceiling Leak

Report a Cleaning Concern

Report a Clock Issue

Report a Clog

Report a Concern with Air Conditioning

Report a Concern with an Exterior or Interior Light

Report a Concern with Heat

Report a Custodial Issue - Other

Report a Damaged Ceiling Tile

Report a Door Issue (Not Keys or Access Control)

Report a Fire Extinguisher Concern

Report a Flooring Issue

Report a Furniture Issue

Report a Grounds Issue - Other

Report a Key/Door or Building Life Safety Concern

Report a Leak

Report a Maintenance Issue - Other

Report a Pest Issue

Report a Shower Issue

Report a Sign as Missing or Damaged

Report a Smoke Alarm or Fire Panel System Concern

Report a Sprinkler System Concern

Report a Toilet Issue

Report a Window Issue

Report an Appliance Issue

Report an Electrical Issue - Other

Report an Elevator Not Working Properly

Report an Emergency Phone Not Working

Report an Issue with a Card Reader

Report an Issue with a Door Not Closing/Securing Properly

Report an Issue with a Dumpster

Report an Issue with a Key

Report an Issue with Exterior Trash

Report an Issue with HVAC - Other

Report an Outlet Not Working

Report Damage

Report Door Alarm Going Off

Report Loss of Power

Report Other Access Control Issue

Report Other Elevator Concern

Report Other Key/Lock/Door Concern

Report Other Life Safety System Concerns

Request an Item to be Hung

Request for New Furniture

Request New Campus Signage

Request to Dispose of Furniture / Equipment

Request to Hang a Banner for an Event

Request to have a Space Painted

Request to Move Boxes

Request to Move Furniture / Equipment

Request to Rearrange Furniture

Request to Store Furniture / Equipment


Shared Area - Request

Software - Report an Issue


Toner Request


VPN Request


YCDS - Account / Password Assistance

YCDS - Hardware Issue

YCDS - Printer Issue

YCDS - Smart Classroom Issue

YCDS - Software Issue