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Services or Offerings?
Report an issue with cable TV on campus.

Submit a request to add content to the YCP Bulletin Channel

Report a WiFi issue with campus wireless (eduroam) or guest wireless (York-connect).

Report an issue with the Canvas application.

FOR FACULTY AND STAFF. Request services for new and leaving employees or request an office move.

Report an issue with your college-issued flex card.

Request information about our guest wireless availability on campus.

Report issues with any college-owned computer hardware: desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors.

Name Changes are processed to update the YCP username/email addresses.

Request for an employee to move from one office space to another.

****Employees Only****
Order paper for your department with this service.

Report an issue for any printers, copiers, or fax machines on campus.

FOR FACULTY AND STAFF.  Request purchase of hardware or software through LTS.

FOR STUDENTS. Request refund for printing or laundry.