Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH)

This is the fastest and simplest way for YCP members to remotely access applications used at YCP and in your classes. This will eventually be replacing RDP all throughout campus. You will be able to access files, network drives, local printers, or software.

Note: If you don't see your needed software, or if you must access a specific campus computer, then try the remote desktop option instead.

Accessing RDSH



Accessing an Application or Software


Save your file

When you save your work, you will download the file to your computer. We recommend that you upload that file to Google Drive, so that you can access and download it later, from anywhere.

Close the app when you're done

Once you're finished, close the application window with the X in the upper right. It is recommended that you sign out. This will allow the resources to be reallocated and you won't be taking up a seat.

Choosing to disconnect instead would leave the session running (think of your computer being asleep at the log-in screen). If you choose to sign back in within the hour you will come back to the same session that it was previously left on.

Note: In some cases, we have a limited number of application licenses. So, if you forget to close the window, someone else may not be able to sign in.

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