Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

When you sign into your network account with multi-factor authentication enabled, you'll also approve the sign-in using your phone.

So, even if someone were to steal your password, they couldn't get into your network account without your phone. This makes your account, information, and applications much more secure.

Note: MFA is required of YCP employees and optional for students. To avoid MFA issues during international travel, please see the FAQ section, below, for more info.

Set up MFA

You may set up MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator Mobile app (which we recommend) or text (which does not require the app). Each requires access to your phone. You can start at:

Tip: Regardless of which method you use to set up, you may always add the other method later or instead.


Microsoft Authenticator mobile app (recommended)




Sign in with MFA

Note: If you have not yet set up MFA, follow the Get Authenticator & set up MFA section, above, instead.

Setting up your Account(s)




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