Name Changes

There are a few ways to alter or update the way your name appears across YCP's applications and platforms. Official, preferred, username, and email changes require approval. Within some applications, you're free to change your displayed name on your own, at your leisure.

Official (first & last) or preferred name

Your official first and last name must match your government and/or financial aid documents.

Your preferred name may replace your official first name when displayed in all internal YCP applications (Such as Banner/YCPWeb, Canvas, Gmail, and more). Your official name will still be the one used on any official documents that YCP sends (such as your transcripts).

Change your official or preferred name


Username & email address

Your username and email address may only be changed after updating your official name, per the section above. This option is not available to alumni.

Contact us to request this change.


  • Changes are processed on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

    • We'll contact you when yours is complete.

  • Your current password will still work with your new YCP username.

  • While many systems will automatically update, we manually update Moodle, Canvas, WorkFlows, Qualtrics, and our phone system. So, they may take a bit longer.

Displayed name in applications

Some of our applications allow you to change your own displayed name. This doesn't require approval and won't alter your official name or preferred name.


Change the name on your Gmail Account.

Note: This change will show your updated name on any email sent to a new contact. If someone added you as a contact before the change, they will need to edit contact information for your address to update your name on their end.


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