When do I get my username & password?

When you receive your network account (including your username and password) depends on a few factors explained in our Network account article. With the most common factor being a slight lag time in between paying the bill.

Why can't I connect to the Wi-Fi or internet?

It could be because of how you're entering your info, the strength of the signal, which network you're choosing, the type of device you're using (gaming, phone, printer, etc.), or something else. We have a number of solutions for you to to try in our Wi-Fi (Internet access) article.

How do I get TV channels?

Xfinity cable and streaming options are available to our resident students. Find all of them in our Xfinity article.

Where can my parents pay my bills?

You can permit anyone you choose to see what info you choose (including paying your bills) with Parent Proxy.

What do I do when I see "Domain is Not Available" or "No Logon Servers are Available" on a YCP computer?

Restart the computer. Once it turns on, wait a full minute, then log back in.

If you see an error again, contact us.

I have a YCP laptop off campus and I cannot log in; what should I do?

Unfortunately, you'll have to return to campus and sign in while on the YCP network. Learn more about this in our College issued laptops article.




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