Software & Applications

"Software", "programs", "applications", and "apps" are terms that we generally use interchangeably at YCP.

All campus computers have some of our most used applications. See the Find campus software section, below, for more info.

Employees may install and update software by following the instructions below, or request any that they can't find.

As a YCP member, you can get free & discounted software to use on your personal devices. For students, here are our computer & software recommendations.

Remote Access

You can use the same software as when you're at YCP, but from anywhere.

Remotely access campus applications & computers.


Install or Update Software

YCP Owned Computers

macOS (Self Service) - click to open or close.

Personal Computers


Find Campus Software

Our Campus Wide Package software is on all campus computers. It includes:

All Windows computers also have VLC Media Player, and all macOS computers have the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

All computers also all have access to Network Software (I:) Drive.


Below you can find which buildings, rooms, and Windows computers (accessible to all students) have a particular software. Once you've chosen a computer, either visit the room (the front of every computer tower has a white sticker with its name*), or access the computer remotely.

Note: This only includes Windows 10 computers. Specialized labs and restricted access programs may not be listed. If you're looking for another software, including on macOS, please contact us.

* Ignore the year, in parentheses.



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