Smart Classrooms

Most YCP classrooms are "smart". They can project either the instructor station computer (on the podium), or a laptop/device that an instructor brings with them, so that the whole class can clearly see and hear what's on screen.


Each smart classroom has at least these items. Some, such as remote rooms, have more.

  • Projector, screen, and speakers

  • Podium control panel

  • DVD/VCR control panel or remote

  • Auxiliary connections to present from a laptop/device

    • Important: You may need an adapter for your particular device. Please contact us, before your presentation, to get one.

Note: Most classrooms, but not all, also have a desktop computer on the instructor station podium.

Remote rooms

Many of our smart classrooms are also remote rooms. They have additional equipment to accommodate students or instructors attending class remotely over Zoom, in addition to those attending in-person.

Learn more about our remote rooms.

Use a smart classroom

Our smart classrooms are similar but have enough variation that we suggest practicing in the specific room you'll be using to present. If you have any trouble in the room, you may contact us to schedule a training session before your class, and for urgent assistance during class.

Get started

  • Lower the screen via buttons on the wall (usually near the instructor station podium, but not on the podium control panel).

    • If the screen has a handle in the center, please pull it down manually.

  • Either sign into the instructor station computer, or connect your device to an available cable.

    • Important: Please do not disconnect any cables; only use those which are already available.

Podium control panel

On or near the instructor station podium, you'll find an Extron control panel. This controls the room's projector and speakers.

Extron MLC 226 IP control panel

On the podium control panel

  • Press ON.

  • Wait until the ON button stops blinking to proceed.

  • Press the input you've chosen.

    • For the instructor station computer, press PC.

    • For your device, press LAPTOP.

      • Note: This option varies by room and connection. Instead of LAPTOP, it may read AUX, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, etc. It is neither DVD nor VCR.

    • To play a DVD, press DVD, then follow the Play a DVD instructions, below.

  • The class should now be able to see and hear everything on the device you're presenting from.

    • If the projected image is clipped, crooked, or distorted, press AUTO IMAGE to fix it.

Tip: If you want to briefly stop presenting, press DISPLAY MUTE. This will blacken the projection and silence the audio without shutting it all down. To resume presenting, press whichever input you were using prior.

Adjust the volume


Play a DVD

  • Follow the On the podium control panel instructions, above.

    • Press DVD.

  • Open the podium door, facing the presenter.

  • Here, you'll find a DVD player and the DVD & VCR CONTROL panel.

    • This functions like a DVD/VCR remote.

IRCM-DV+ DVD & VCR IR Control Module

End your presentation

When you're finished presenting, please press OFF on the podium control panel, then sign out of the instructor station computer.


If these don't solve your issue, contact us.


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