On campus, we use Cisco IP Phones and the Jabber softphone software.

Learn more with Cisco's quick start guides.

Soft keys

Through the instructions below, we'll often refer to a "soft key". Soft key labels are at the bottom of your phone's screen, each with a corresponding button below. They change while you use the phone.

Note: If you don't see a soft key that we mention, press the last one (labeled more, •••, ••, or) to reveal more. You may need to do this multiple times.


Place calls

Here's what to dial in each call.

To a YCP campus IP phone number

  • Last 4 digits of the phone number (called their "extension")

    • XXX

To a cell or non-YCP number

  • 9 + 1 + area code + number

    • 9-1-(XXX)-XXXX

To an international number

To a toll free number

  • 9 + 1-800-number


Transfer calls

  • Press the Transfer soft key.

  • If you're transferring to another campus phone,

    • Enter the extension.

  • If you're transferring to a cell or personal phone,

    • Enter the number as described in the Place calls section, above.

  • When you're ready to complete the transfer, press the Transfer soft key again.

Forward calls

Set a phone to send all incoming calls to another phone number.


Conference calls

Start a conference call

More conference options


Voicemail (VM)

Access voicemail



Your PIN is 12345, until you change it. If you forget your PIN, contact us for a new one. If you try signing in too many times, your voicemail may lock for 45 minutes; contact us to unlock it faster.

Change PIN

  • Follow the Access voicemail section, above.

  • Press 4 (setup options) > 3 (preferences) > 1 (change your PIN).

  • Follow the prompts to change your PIN.

Update greeting

  • Follow the Access voicemail section, above.

  • Press 4 (setup options) > 1 (greetings & transfer) > 1 (change your greeting).

  • When prompted, press 1 to record your greeting.

  • Record your greeting.

  • Press # when you are finished recording, then * to save your greeting.

    • Note: If you're not satisfied with it, press 1 to re-record.

Navigate voicemail

Play, rewind, speed, slow, skip, save, delete, etc.

  • Follow the Access voicemail section, above.


Full voicemail box

After you delete new messages, they'll still take up mailbox storage space for 30 days. If they fill up faster than a month, then new messages won't be accepted.

Follow the Navigate voicemail section, above, to delete messages. Then, review and erase your deleted messages.



Voicemail to email

Recordings of all your incoming voicemails can also be sent to your YCP email address. This makes it easier to know when you have a message, and to access it (especially from off campus).

To request this feature, contact us and provide your

  • Extension

  • Email address



Your full phone number is the area code (717), then your prefix, then your extension.

Example: If your extension is 1559, then your prefix is 815, and your full phone number is 717-815-1559.

Based on your extension, this list reveals your prefix.

Lower Your Voice Alert

Your phone may tell you to "lower your voice". It's not polite about it, and surprises some phone users.

Note: The person you're speaking with does not hear it.

Turn the alert on or off


With Mobility enabled, incoming calls to your campus extension will also ring to your cell phone.

When you call other campus phones from your cell, your campus extension will appear on their caller ID.

  • Note: Off-campus recipients will see your cell number.

Mobility is available, upon request, to YCP employees who have both a YCP issued cell phone and dedicated extension.

Enable or disable mobility

You can only enable or disable Mobility from your Cisco IP phone. If you don't have access to it, please contact us to do it for you.

  • Press the Mobility soft key.

  • Select

    • Enable MobileConnect to turn it on.

    • Disable MobileConnect to turn it off.

Caution: If Mobility is enabled while your cell is dead, turned off, or has no signal, then your Cisco IP phone will not ring properly and you may miss calls. They will be sent to your cell's voicemail box.



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