Found at: i.ycp.edu/25Live

With 25Live, you can reserve rooms on campus and find details about each, such as current reservation and class times, seat counts, and available smart classroom technologies.

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Tip: 25Live can be tricky for less experienced users. Use our Reserve a room article for an easier way to reserve or see the availability of reservable rooms.

Check a Room's Availability

This is a way to check the availability of most any YCP room. It's particularly useful when using remote desktop.

Tip: To more easily check the availability of reservable rooms, visit our Reserve a room article.

  • Visit i.ycp.edu/availability.

  • Search the name of a location or room.

    • Examples: "Performing Arts Center", "WPAC", "WPAC 185"

  • In the Name column, select the name of a room.

Sign Into 25Live


  • Visit i.ycp.edu/25Live.

  • Select Sign In (in the upper right) then sign in with your network account.

    • Note: If you see your name in the upper right, then you're already signed in.


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