Remote Desktop (RDP)

Connect and sign into a specific campus computer (such as one in your office or a lab). Then, do anything that you can as a YCP member on campus, such as access a file, network drive, local printer, or software.

Tip: For a simpler, more available way to remotely access campus applications, try RemoteApp instead.

Note: To find which computers have a particular application, see the Find campus software section of our Software & applications article.

Access a YCP computer

If you're accessing a computer that multiple people use, please either use this during your normal class period or check the room's availability before remoting in. If someone is already signed into a computer, please choose another instead; do not sign them out.

By default, your work will save to your H: Drive (unless you choose another location) which can then be accessed through MyFiles. We recommend saving to your Google Drive instead.

Note: When signing into the computer, you will be prompted to approve the log in request as part of the mandated MFA for all students and staff.

Caution: We restart all general use campus computers at about 4:00am each day. If you're using one around that hour, then you may lose any unsaved work.



Locations & computers

Select your preferred location, then copy & paste the name of the computer that you want to access.

Find which computers have a specific software.


Civil Engineering Center


Campbell Hall


Diehl Hall


Humanities Center


Kinsley Engineering Center


Schmidt Library


Appell Life Sciences Building


Waldner Performing Arts Center


Willman Business Center


Evelyn & Earle Wolf Hall



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