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Active YCP members have a few printing options.

Note: You must be on campus for them to work.



All YCP members can use the available printers. Employees may use additional printers, depending on their department.


Request a print refund.



Your available balance is displayed on the lower left side of

My Funds is your total balance: Technology Grant, Tuition Fees, and User Pays.



Go big or go home! We can help you print poster sizes for class, presentations, events, or even just to decorate your walls.

Paper & Toner Refills

Only for YCP printers.



When you send a print job to your department printer, you will see a pop-up confirming that you intend to print, with the cost to YCP. When possible, please print in black and white, submit larger print jobs to EPS (explained below), or share your resources digitally through Canvas, Google Drive, etc.

Your YCP computer, and departmental adjunct computers, should already have the proper printers installed. You may contact us to request more.

Note: We only support college-owned computers and printers. Neither personal nor off-campus printers may be used with your college-owned computer.


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Our Electronic Print Service is for employees printing a total of 50 or more pages.

  • Visit to submit your PDF format file.

  • Your prints will be delivered to your department’s mailroom within 48 hours.

  • Specialty options include color paper, thicker stock, various sizes, newsletters, booklets, brochures, cutting and folding services, and more.

Note: If your prints include YCP logos, colors or brand elements, first submit them to the Office of Communications for approval.

Better options than printing

Printing can be costly, time consuming, and wasteful. At best, it frequently leaves you with a single copy of a document that's easy to lose or accidentally destroy (along with any notes you add to it).

Digital files can have clickable links and interactive elements. They're often more accessible to students with disabilities, simpler to share and backup, and easier to edit or search for a word, phrase, or character.

Create & share digital files

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For more information or clarity, please contact Library and Technology Services (LTS)

  • Library and Technology Services (LTS):
    • Phone: 717-815-1559
    • Email:
    • Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


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