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The Canvas learning management platform allows faculty and students to share all class resources in one place. To learn more, visit our Canvas 101 courses.

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Canvas 101 & help

Our Canvas 101 training courses are full of instructions, links, and videos that we've tailored to you. They expand upon all of the other topics mentioned in this article, and more.



How long will my course be in Canvas?

We load, hide, archive, store, and purge canvas courses according to our course lifecycle schedule.

Course Retention Policy

Let us know if you want help with the chart.

Communication tools

There are a few ways that you can keep up with your class, and vice versa.


Send a message to individuals' (or the entire class') inboxes, which will also send it to their email addresses.


As an instructor, post an Announcement to your Course, which will also send it to your students' Inboxes (and their email addresses).


Check and customize yours, so you never miss a message.


As an instructor, use Quizzes to easily author multiple-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions. You can control when your exam becomes available to your students and how it's graded.


With Files, store and access all course materials, such as documents, PDFs, slides, spreadsheets, etc. You can move and organize your files and upload them in bulk.

  • Make files available to your students as module items.

    • Then, hide the Files navigation link, so students see your organized files in the Modules.

Google collaborations

Google Drive collaborations are a simple way to share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides within Canvas. They're available through the Collaborations link in the Course Navigation menu.

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