As a YCP member, you can send faxes from anywhere with your YCP Gmail address & receive faxes on campus.


Send a fax (FOIP)

FOIP (fax over IP) allows you, as a student or employee, to send faxes through your YCP email. You can send faxes from on or off campus.

Caution: FOIP is not a secure method to send sensitive information (such as credit card, social security, and health record content) to anyone outside of YCP.

Before you begin

If your document is not yet a digital file, scan it to your email, then download the file from the email (and rename it, if you like).


  • Sign into your YCP Gmail.

  • Select Compose an email (pencil icon) .

  • In the To section, type 9, then 1, then the fax number of your recipient, then @fax.ycp.edu.

    • Example: 91(area code)xxxxxxx@fax.ycp.edu

    • Note: For international numbers, type 9011

      • Example: 9011(country code)xxxxxxx@fax.ycp.edu

  • Select Attach files (paperclip icon), then choose your files.

  • Anything that you type in the Subject section or email body will be faxed in a cover sheet.

  • Double check all info, then select Send.

More info


Receive a fax


Department faxes are received by central employees in each department, then forwarded to you.


If you need to receive a fax, check with the Campus Activities Board.




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