YCP Employee Email on iPhones & iPads

Due to a Google security update, we recently disabled the POP/IMAP feature of employee accounts. This has hindered emails from loading in the Apple's iOS Mail app (iPhones and iPads). We support either option below.

Note: If they fail to help resolve your phone email issue, please contact us.

Learn more about Gmail.

Use the Gmail app instead; sign in with your YCP email

  • Install the Gmail app.

  • Select Sign in > Google.

  • Enter your YCP email address.

  • Sign in with your YCP username and password.

Use the Mail app; remove your YCP Gmail account then add it with Microsoft Exchange

  • Select your device Settings > Passwords & Accounts.

  • If you already have your YCP Gmail account here, delete it.

    • Under ACCOUNTS, select it.

      • Note: It will appear as Gmail, your YCP email address, or as a Description that you created in the past.

    • Verify that the Account is your YCP email address.

    • Select Delete Account > Delete from My iPhone.

  • Select Add Account > Microsoft Exchange.

  • Enter your YCP email address, then select Next.

  • Select Configure Manually.

  • Enter your Network Account password, then select Next.

  • Enter

    • Server: m.google.com

    • Domain: ycp.edu

    • Username: (your YCP email address)

  • Select Next.

  • Ensure that Mail is selected, then select Save.


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