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Emma allows you to design and send stylized emails to portions of the YCP community. The Office of Communications' weekly message, The Fountain, is an example of what you can create with Emma.

Note: You also have other options to communicate to campus.

Log in & choose your department

  • Log into myemma.com/login.

    • Note: If you don't have an Emma account, please contact us.

  • In the upper left, choose your department.

    • Note: By default, this likely says Communications. Select that, then choose your department.

Add your audience

Note: You may not need add an audience if you or someone else from your department already has.

Send an email (AKA Create new campaign) 

  • Log in & choose your department.

  • Select the Campaigns tab, then the Create new campaign button.

  • Select Regular email.

  • Enter a Campaign name, then select Continue.

  • On the left, under My gallery, select My templates, then hover over your preferred template and select Start here.

    • Note: If you do not see My gallery or My templates, then either select an option from the Sample gallery or select the Start from scratch button.

  • Add content and edit your campaign design until your email message looks how you prefer.

  • Use the PREVIEW & SEND TEST buttons if you want to see how your message will look to your audience.

  • When you're ready to send your campaign email, select the REVIEW & SEND button.

    • Choose recipients: Use the button or start typing to choose your recipient group(s).

    • Enter a subject line: This will be the name of your email.

      • Note: If you wish to test multiple subject lines on a random sampling of your recipients (to see which gets the most interaction), select the SWITCH TO SPLIT TEST button.

    • Sender name: Enter the name of your department.

    • Sender email: Enter your department's official email address.

    • If you want to send this email ASAP, select the SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL button.

    • If you want to schedule a time for this email to send, select Schedule for later.

Response & insights

These sections can provide valuable statistics about how recipients interacted with your emails (AKA campaigns).

  • Log in & choose your department.


This breaks down the statistics of individual messages.

  • Select the Response tab.

  • You'll see a list of past mailings.

    • To the far right of one, select the down arrow ▼, then View response to see its statistics.


This breaks down the statistics of all messages over a period of time.

  • Select the Insights tab.

Emma Resources


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