Email Alias & Delegate

We can issue custom email addresses, for your department or organization, that multiple members have access to. Ours, for example, is

If you would like one, please seek the approval of your Department Manager or YCP Organization Advisor, who may then contact us to request one of the following options:


Emails sent to an alias are forwarded to your network account Gmail inbox (along with all of your other incoming messages). When you reply, it's from your network account, so appears to be coming directly from you.

Note: Multiple people may receive emails from the same alias.


Emails sent to a delegated address stay in one shared inbox. Think of it as a separate account that you have access to. When you send messages from it, they appear to be coming from the delegated address.

Note: Multiple people may access a delegated inbox.

Access a delegate inbox:

  • Visit

    • Or, click the Gmail icon in

    • Or, your Gmail app.

  • Select your profile picture (or initial) in the upper right corner.

  • Select the Delegated address from the list that appears.

Contact Us:

For more information or clarity on an email alias or delegated email, please contact Library and Technology Services (LTS)

  • Library and Technology Services (LTS):
    • Phone: 717-815-1559
    • Email:
    • Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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