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The YCP Shuttle transports college members across campus. Shuttles rarely take more than 20 minutes to reach each stop (estimated arrival times vary). The Ride Systems app provides a live map, schedule, and list of stops.

Note: To board, you may be required to show your YCP ID card.

Map & schedule

Shuttle service times & additional schedules

Ride Systems

This is how to track our shuttles in real time, on any device.

Note: Ride Systems only tracks daily shuttle and express shuttle traffic between Main and West Campus. See additional shuttle schedules to learn more about occasional trips to downtown York.

Use Ride Systems

  • Visit or select the Ride Systems app (learn more about the mobile app, below).

  • Select Routes (in the upper or lower left) to reveal the schedules.

  • Select

    • All to see all routes.

    • Running to see current routes.

  • To the right of York College Shuttle, select the arrow to see a list of all standard stops.

    • If they weren't already on the map, this will also reveal stops as white dots, and shuttles as moving arrows along purple routes.

  • Select any stop name, or dot on the map, to see its estimated schedule.

  • To the left of the stop name and/or York College Shu..., select the back arrow to return to the main schedule list.

  • Select an Express Shuttle schedule to see the stops & schedules of our faster shuttles with fewer stops.

    • This will also reveal their green routes on the map.

Ride Systems mobile app

This is especially useful if you frequently use Ride Systems on your phone or tablet.

  • Install the iOS/iPadOS Ride Systems App or Android Ride Systems App.

  • Decide whether to allow it to use your location.

    • This can be useful, but isn't necessary.

  • Search and select York College.

  • Decide whether to allow it to send you notifications.

    • This can be useful, but isn't necessary.

  • Read the tips, then select Let's Ride.

    • Or select Skip.

  • Follow the Use Ride Systems instructions, above.




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