Plain Text

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This is a simple web-app to help you write and edit in plain text, clear text formatting, and create .txt files.

Clear text formatting

When you copy and paste content from a Word document, Google Doc, or most any other software or website, it comes with hidden code.

This code is what controls things like font, text size, and other formatting. Often, this isn't an issue, but some applications work much better when you paste plain text, rather than formatted text.

  • Copy and paste your content into

    • This will clear all formatting, making your content plain text.

  • Then, copy and paste it from into its final destination.

Tip: You can also do this in the Windows Notepad application.

Create a .txt file

Some programs require files in plain text format (.txt).

  • Write or paste your content into

  • In the upper right corner, select the menu > Download (Plain Text).

  • Use the downloaded .txt file wherever needed.

Tip: You can also create .txt files in Notepad, TextEdit, & Word.



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