XM SendSecure is a simple to deploy, easy to integrate small and medium business fax solution that offers affordable, paperless faxing for all employees. 

Navigating SendSecure

Sign In to SendSecure

  • Log into XMedius

    • Enter YCP into the “Enterprise account” line

    • Click on the “Username or email” box.  Before you type anything it should automatically redirect you to the portal for sign in

  • Once signed in the dashboard will start you on the Fax area of this application. (This feature is coming soon.) 

  • Click the XM SendSecure option in the upper left corner. 

Sending Documents

  • For sending documents, select XM SendSecure

    • Click “New” at the top left to add a file

    • Enter in the email address of the individual you’d like to add

      • Multiple recipients can be added, but only one email can be put per line

    • Enter in a subject and a message if desired

    • Click browse or drag the desired files

      • Multiple files can be uploaded in one message.

    • Click Send

  • After clicking send, the message will appear on the left of the page.  You can click “Activity Details” at the top right to see who has opened the message or downloaded the files.

  • Files and messages default to being available for 30 days

  • Additional options can be found by clicking the down arrow next to “Activity Details” while in a message

    • Reply will add a comment and allow you to upload new files.

    • Manage Participants will allow you to add or remove access to the file

    • Close Now immediately closes access to the file

    • Extend Duration allows you to add extra time to the file




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