Cube (Excel Add-On)

Found at: Cube Software.

Cube is an Excel add-on that is used to assist in the management of the college’s budget documents. Those at YCP with a need to have access to the budgeting documents will also need to use this application.

The Library and Technology Department (LTS) offers limited support for various applications across campus. This support will extend to the new budgeting software, Cube, that YCP will be utilizing. LTS is able to take steps to ensure that all Cube users have the most recent version of Office installed, Office 2021, on their college-issued Windows computers.

Getting Sign-In Credentials

You will need the proper sign-in credentials in order to download the Excel add-on. To do this, please contact that Business Office, follow this link for their contact information: Business Office.

Downloading Office 2021

Currently, to use Cube, users need to have Office 2021 installed on their computer. Your computer should already have Office 2021 installed, but if it does not, follow these steps:

  • Click the Windows key
  • Type "Software Support"
  • Find and click "Microsoft Office 2021"
  • Click install

Individual troubleshooting of files or settings in Cube extends beyond the scope of LTS support and contacts can be referred to either the Business Office or Cube Support. If you are a new user to Cube and need the application installed please contact the LTS Help Desk or submit a request in TeamDynamix




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