Google Storage Management of Personal Storage

York College’s Google Workspace for Education environment has an overall storage limit applied to it by Google. In order to properly manage this storage limit and ensure that the limit is not exceeded, LTS has imposed individual limits to all YCP user accounts. The individual user account limits are set to different levels based on role and specific needs as a stakeholder with YCP. These limits help to ensure that the overall limit imposed by Google on York College is not exceeded. 

York College Individual Account Limits:

  • Faculty/Staff: 100GB

  • Students: 50GB

  • Alumni:10GB

  • Programs that have demonstrated specific needs for increases storage:

    • Graphics Arts Major

      • Faculty, Junior and Senior level Students: 500GB

    • Engineering and Computer Science:

      • Faculty: 500GB

Management of Storage:

It is the responsibility of each member of the York College community to manage the content of their Google Storage. This includes taking steps to maintain their storage below the limit of their account. 

Reduction of Email Storage

  • Finding and deleting emails with attachments

    • Emails that have attachments will account for a higher percentage of your email storage. Finding these emails, reviewing, and deleting any that are no longer needed will help reduce the amount of storage your Email is using. 

      • Use the Gmail Advanced Search option

      • Check the box for “Has Attachment”

      • Set the Date to “Older than a Year”

      • Review and delete anything you no longer need. 

Reduction of Google Documents

  • Finding older documents 

    • Deleting older documents that are no longer needed in Google Drive is an important step in managing your storage. We recommend starting with reviewing documents that have not been recently edited. 

      • Open Drive and click the three lines at the right of the top search field to get into the Advanced Search 

      • Set Options:

        • Owner: Owned by me

          • Date modified: Custom

          • Between Dates: (Select today for both fields but then manually change the year to something several years ago)

      • Click Search

Reduction of Google Photos

  • Deleting older or unwanted Photos and Videos will greatly help to reduce your storage levels. Android users commonly back up photos from their devices to Google Photos. This can create a lot of unwanted clutter in your photos.


Alumni accounts are limited to only 10GB of storage. Due to this limit, it is common that once a student account transitions to Alumni status that the account exceeds this limit. Once over the limit the account can no longer save or edit files until the storage drops below the limit. This can cause adverse side effects with regard to the Alumni Gmail account. We recommend that all Alumni take steps to ensure they are below the limit so that the account performs as expected. Alumni accounts greatly exceeding the 10GB limit will be contacted by LTS and directed to reduce their storage. Those failing to comply may have accounts wiped to ensure they are below the limit. 

Use Google Takeout for file exports

Use Google Partner Sharing for photo exports 

Downloading Documents and Photos

  • Downloading documents and photos to a hard drive or external storage device is a great way to ensure that the information you want to keep is backed up. 



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